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Social Studies

What is Reconstruction? The period after the Civil War when the South was being rebuilt
True or False? Freed slaves needed housing, clothing, food, and jobs. True
True or False? Banks were open during Reconstruction. False
True or False? Railroads, bridges, plantations, and crops were destroyed during the Civil War. True
True or False? Confederate money was worth as much as gold during Reconstruction. False. It was worthless.
What are some examples of how the problems of Reconstruction were solved? Freedman's BureauSharecropping
What government agency provided food, clothing, schools, and medical care for freed slaves and the rest of the south? Freedman's Bureau
What is sharecropping? A system where freedmen and poor white farmers rented land from a landowner by promising to pay the owner with a share of the crop.
Yes or No? Did African American's have any power in the south in the late 1800's after the Civil War? Yes, because Northerners had taken control of the south.
What are the Jim Crow laws? These made the seperation of whites and blacks legal in the south.
True or False? After Jim Crow laws were passed, African Americans had to pay a poll tax in order to vote. True
True or False? Jim Crow laws made it easier for African Americans to hold office. False
True or False? Because of Jim Crow, African Americans had to pass a difficult test in order to vote. True
True or False? Public schools were desegregated after the Jim Crow laws were passed False. The schools were segregated(black and white children attended different schools)
What is Reconstruction? Reconstruction was a time when the country was trying to rebuild the country, especially the South.
What did the South have to do before being allowed back in the Union? The South had to aggree to free slaves
Reconstruction was a period after which war? Civil War
What did White people create to keep black people separated? Jim Crow Laws
What did White people create to keep black people from being treated equal? Black Codes
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