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Ancient Americas

Maya, Aztec, Chibcha, and Inca

Cuzco capital of the Inca Empire
Topa Inca emperor of the Incas, who expanded their empire
Census an official count of all the people in an area
Quipu knotted strings on which the Incas recorded information
Aqueduct a pipe or channel that carries water from a distant source
El Dorado a Spanish legend about a place of great riches in Central America
Maize corn
Quinoa An ancient grain native to South America
Nobles the small ruling group of a society who inherit their positions
District a political unit (The Chibcha territory was divided into a number of _____________.)
Sinkhole a depression or hollow where soil has collapsed (This gave the Maya access to a network of underground rivers and streams for fresh water.)
Allies those who support each other for some common purpose
Smallpox a disease that causes a high fever and often death
Ambush a surprise attack
Hostage someone held against his or her will in exchange for something (usually money)
Hernan Cortez This Spanish Conquistador took over the Aztecs.
Fransisco Pizarro This Spanish Conquistador took over the Incas.
Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada This Spanish Conquistador took over the Chibchas.
Oligarchy Type of Government - Ruled by a few
Monarchy Type of Government - Ruled by a King or Queen
Quetzalcoatl Aztec Sun god
Chac Mayan Rain god
Inti Incan Sun god
Location: Aztec Central America - Mexico
Location: Maya Central America
Location: Chibcha South America - Columbia
Location: Inca South America - Peru
Capital City: Aztec Tenochtitlan
Capital City: Inca Cuzco
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