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SS- Ch 8

Regions textbook Chap 8

What is a prairie? It is an area of flat or rolling land covered mostly by grasses and wildflowers.
What are the names of the two plains that make up the MidWest region? Central Plains and Great Plains
What is the main difference between the Central Plains and the Great Plains? the amount of precipitation
On which plain is Ohio located? Central Plains
What is the leading crop in the Central Plains? corn
What is dent corn used for? to feed animals
What is a drought? a time of little or no rain
Why is more wheat than corn grown on the Great Plains? Wheat needs less rain and less fertile soil and that is exactly what the Great Plains has.
What is a blizzard? a snowstorm driven by strong, freezing winds
What is a tornado? a funnel-shaped, spinning windstorm
What is a hailstorm? a storm that hail, or lumps of ice, that can damage or destroy crops
Why did settlers on the Great Plains have to learn new ways of building? There were very few trees so they couldn't build with wood. They used sod instead.
Why did pioneer families need to be self-sufficient? They often lived far away from towns, stores, and neighbors.
What crop did the Russian mennonites bring with them to the Great Plains? winter wheat
How did new farm machines and improved plows change farming? They allowed farmers to till and plant more land. They made farming easier and quicker.
Why did pioneers on the Great Plains build sod dies? There were very few trees so they used what they had. These items included sod, mud, cornstalks, and brush.
How did trains link farms and cities? They carried farm products to cities and manufactured goods to farms.
Created by: SiemerKochHein
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