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Ch. 10 Vocab.

astrolabe a device used to find latitude at sea
capitalism a system in which people, rather than the governments, own property and make goods
caravel an early type of Portuguese ship
cartography the science of map-making
colony settlement in a new territory that keeps close ties with its homeland
Columbian Exchange the global exchange of people, goods, technology, ideas, and diseases that began after Christopher Columbus' voyages
commerce the buying and selling of goods enlarge amounts over large distances
compass a device used to find direction when traveling
Dutch East India Company Dutch trading empire in Indonesia
East India Company English trading empire in India
exports to sell to another country
imports to buy from another country
invest to put money into a project
mercantilism the idea that a country gains power by building up its supply of gold and silver
pampas grassy plains
fund money available for a specific purpose
anticipate to expect something to happen a certain way
locate to look for and find a place or object
transfer to move to a different place
primary the first and most important thing or duty
positive to have a good reaction or ending
aid to provide help