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Daance/Mod V

Office Aneshesia Emergencies

Airway obstructions causes____________, which leads to _____________complications? hypoxia, cardiovascular
what is a laryngospasm? protective reflex of the vocal cords that attempts to prevent passage of foreign matter into the larynx, trachea and lungs.what
Crowing sounds and labored respiratory efforts are typical of what? partial airway obstruction due to laryngospasm
cessation of crowing sounds, suprasternal retraction and paradoxical chest movements are characteristics of what a complete laryngospasm
what is a bronchospasm a generalized contraction of the smooth muscles of the small bronchi and bronchioles in the lungs, resulting in low air flow to and from the lungs.
during a bronchospasm the patient will exhibit what symptoms wheezing and often show signs of labored breathing
what kind of patients are more susceptible to bronchospasms? patients who have a history of allergies, asthma, COPD, or bronchitis.
what are the bodys protective reflexes for the prevention of aspiration? closure of the tracea at the level of vocal chords and vigorous coughing.
what is hyperventilation? a patient is breathing faster and deeper than normal causing the patient to exhale too much carbon dioxide.
do you give oxygen for hyperventilation? NO!!
Certain medications can cause respiratory depression and apnea, what is the best way to treat positive pressure ventilation with a bag/mask can be effect way to accomplish adequate air exchange until patient recovers.
pain that begins in the center of the chest and radiates out is called? Angina
what can you give a patient suffering from Angina nitroglycerin
what acroym is used to treat Acute Coronary Syndrom MONA
what does MONA stand for? Morphine, Oygen, Nitroglycerin Aspirin
what is infiltration leakage of fluid into surrounding tissues.
what do you do if infiltration occures stop the infussion and restart iv at another site.
what is a hematoma blood leakage into surrounding tissue.
how do you treat a hematoma immediately firm pressure.. later moist heat.
what is phlebitis irritation or inflammation of the vein
how do you treat phlebitis elevation of the limb, moist heat and NSAIDS
what is intra-arterial injection where an iv is put into an artery not a vein
what is a CVA Cerebrovascular Accident (or stroke)
definition of a stroke a neurologic impairment lasting more than 24 hours that has been caused by a disruption of blood flow to a region of the brain.
what is urticaria itching
what is erythema redness
what is angiodema swelling of the lips.
anaphylaxis most severe allergic response and is life threatening.
uncontrolled hemorrhage can lead to ? hypovolemia
what is hypovolemia? inadequate blood volume.
Created by: katieweir
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