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Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties Vocabulary

Elected as the new President in 1920 Warren Harding
What the Americans needed according to Harding Return to Normalcy
Economic Slump Recession
limited government that plays small role in business or personal lives Laissez Faire
Corrupt friends of Warren Harding who were appointed to government offices using the “spoils system” Ohio Gang
Event where Interior Secretary Albert Fall allowed oil companies to pay him for rights to drill oil on federal land Teapot Dome Scandal
First Cabinet member to serve prison time Albert Fall
US President who vowed to clean up the corruption from Harding's Presidency Calvin Coolidge
Theory that stated United States will take care of only American needs and that the United States will not intervene in affairs of other nations. Isolationism
Agreement that Nations agree to stop using war to promote national agenda and use war in self defense only “Outlaws” war Kellogg-Briand Pact
Reduced size of Navies of US, UK, Japan, France and Italy 5 points Treaty
Economic system created by Lenin that caused a Red Scare during the Twenties Communism
The absence of government Anarchy
2 famous anarchists whose received an unfair trial based on political bias Sacco and Vanzetti
a policy of favoring native inhabitants as opposed to immigrants Nativism
Placed quotas (limits) on the number of people who could come to the USA from each country Emergency Quota Act of 1921
Granted people of Puerto Rico US citizenship Ley Jones Act
Amendment the started Prohibion 18th
Prohibited by Prohibtion Alcohol
Agency created by the Volstead Act to enforce Prohibiition FBI
Illegal nightclubs of the Twenties Speakeasies
People who made and transported illegal liquour Bootleggers
Type of crime brought about by Prohibition Organized/ Mafia
Most famous Mafia boss of the Twenties Al Capone
City controlled by Al Capone Chicago
Murder of rival gang by members of Capone's mafia that solidified his power in Chicago St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Year American women were allowed to vote 1920
Amendment that gave women the right to vote 19th
Women who rejected the traditional norms and began to express themselves with different behaviors and styles of dress Flappers
Leader of the Back to Africa Movement Marcus Garvey
Group who Terrorized northerners, immigrants, Catholics, African Americans, and any Southerner who opposed them KKK
Famous trial over the teaching of evolution in public schools (made teaching evolution illegal for a long period of time) Scopes Trial
an activity or fashion that becomes very popular for a short time. Fad
Type of music that blended many styles and is considered one of the most important cultural achievements of the USA Jazz
Generation of writers who were expatriates and wrote about the emptiness of American life Lost Generation
people who choose to live outside their own country Expatriates
Flourishing of black culture during the Twenties Harlem Renaissance
Best known author of the Harlem Renaissance Langston Hughes
Produced 90% of the popular music of the 1920s Tin Pan Alley
First talking movie Jazz Singer
Made the 1st transatlantic solo flight Charles Lindbergh
shares of ownership in corporations Stocks
Period of increased stock trading and rising stock prices Bull Market
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