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Life Skills

A set of tools and guidelines for successful living is also known as: A. life skills B. prioritizing C. project management D. motivational drives A. life skills
Building self-esteem is important because it: A. allows you to procrastinate B. ensures always being right C. makes you more important D. is vital to success D. is vital to success
When you build a game plan you are: A. being compulsive B. consciously planning your life C. procrastinating D. wasting time B. consciously planning your life
We can achieve greater control over our mental activity when we: A. procrastinate B. work long hours C. compartmentalize D. criticize ourselves C. compartmentalize
Motivation is an important factor in learning and usually comes from: A. interest in the subject matter B. a well-thought-out process C. a basic human need D. direction from others A. interest in the subject matter
When we feel self-love and acceptance, we have satisfied: A. emotional needs B. physical needs C. ethical needs D. social needs A. emotional needsLook
Looking inward for new ways of thinking and doing is an example of: A. self-criticism B. creativity C. time management D. goal-setting B. creativity
Writing a mission statement helps to establish: A. better communication B. understanding of others C. values and goals D. good technical skills C. values and goals
If a goal seems overwhelming, you can deal with it constructively by: A. dividing it into short-term goals B. changing your attitude C. lowering your goals D. procrastinating A. dividing it into short-term goals
When we practice time management, we can use a variety of methods, except for: A. taking time-outs B. making schedules C. prioritizing D. procrastination D. procrastination
One key to organizing time, a to-do list, can help you: A. prioritize tasks and activities B. become a systematic learner C. sharpen personal skills D. develop integrity A. prioritize tasks and activities
Identifying your learning style helps you to: A. respect others B. be punctual C. get along with others D. develop appropriate study habits D. develop appropriate study habits
To stay focused on studying, it helps to: A. tackle the easiest task first B. keep your goals in mind C. allow distractions D. take no breaks until finished B. keep your goals in mind
The moral principles we live and work by are: A. honesty B. ethics C. goals D. character B. ethics
A sense of integrity would prevent you from: A. talking too loud B. self-criticism C. stealing clients D. procrastinating C. stealing clients
The code of ethics for the cosmetology profession is set by: A. state boards B. individual salons C. salon clients D. cosmetology schools A. state boards
The following are all characteristics of good ethical standards except: A. cooperation B. honesty C. compassion D. punctuality D. punctuality
One trait that is essential to reaching the heights of professionalism is: A. ruthlessness B. commitment C. perfectionism D. good connections B. commitment
Your attitude is a reflection of: A. good nutrition B. what you believe and think C. your communication skills D. your strengths B. what you believe and think
A healthy, good attitude includes many qualities except: A. good communication B. values and goals C. tactfulenss D. perfectionism D. perfectionism
Emotional stability allows us to: A. hold our feelings in B. express emotions appropriately C. manipulate all situations D. get our own way B. express emotions appropriately
If we understand the needs and motives of others, we are better able to: A. be prepared for anything B. take abvantage of others C. act professionally D. stay isolated C. act professionally
An effective way to stay calm when under stress is to: A. hold your feelings in B. self-medicate C. take beep breaths D. avoid the situation C. take beep breaths
The best method when dealing with difficult clients is to agree with them and: A. call the manager B. ask another stylist to take over C. offer to remedy the situation D. tell them to file a complaint C. offer to remedy the situation
As a cosmetologist you are perceived as a kind of caregiver, so it is important to: A. take care of yourself B. mix the personal and professional C. ignore your own needs D. give personal advice A. take care of yourself
Created by: hodges900
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