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Foy Benchmark

What is federalism? Power is balanced between a central government and state governments.
What is a republic? People elect representatives to make policy decisions for them.
What are some examples of shared powers? collect taxes, establish courts, make and enforce laws
What are some requirements for becoming president of the United States? at least 35 years old, natural-born American citizen, resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years
What is an example of how the legislative branch checks the powers of the executive branch? approve people that the President appoints to be on his/her cabinet
When a bill is going through the steps to become a law, after the committee in Congress votes on a bill, what happens next? The Senate and the House debate and vote on the bill.
What difficulty resulted from the lack of a strong national government under the Articles of Confederation? Individual states protected themselves in ways that harmed other states.
What are some powers of Congress under the Constitution, as stated in Article I, Section 8? borrow money, declare war, repel invasions..
What did the Great Compromise call for? A two-house legislative branch in which states would be equally represented in one house and by the state's population in the other house.
Where did America borrow their political ideas about democracy from? the ancient Greeks
What are some guarantees in the First Amendment? freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, right to free speech
Which federal agency is primarily responsible for overseeing U.S. foreign policy? Department of State
What are some processes for becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen? support themselves financially; be over 18; obey the laws of the U.S. and Constitution; pass a series of tests to prove they can read, write and speak English; take U.S. history test
Why did colonists want to settle the Ohio River Valley in the mid-1700's? The area was rich in fertile soil, forests, and wild animals.
What was a pull factor for Irish immigrants coming to the United States between 1780-1850? job opportunities
What did the Missouri Compromise try to balance? It kept the number of free states and slave states in balance.
What was the main contribution of Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolution? He convinced France to join the fight against the Britain.
How did Great Britain respond to the Boston Tea Party? they passed the Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts) and closed Boston Harbor.
What did the Monroe Doctrine say? The United States, not Europe, should complete the settlement of North America.
What was a policy of Andrew Jackson's presidency? the forced relocation of Native Americans
If a Louisiana merchant needed to transport sugar from St. Louis, MO in 1850, which method of transportation should he use? steamboat
Which amendment addressed temperance, the banning of alcohol? Eighteenth amendment
What were the effects of the Industrial Revolution on northern and southern states? The textile industry boomed in the North and greater demand for cotton in the South
What did abolitionists believe? slavery went against the American ideals of liberty and equality
What was Enlightenment? There is a social contract between governments and citizens. Rights such as equality and liberty
Created by: lfoy8290