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Fall of Communism

PASS Review Fall of Communism to Present

What is the Truman Policy or Doctrine? It is the US commitment to helping free people to resist communist takeover.
What is the Persian Gulf War? It was a conflict between Kuwait and Iraq, know in the US as Operation Desert Storm.
Who was Saddam Hussein? He was the former dictator of Iraq.
What are natural resources? They are things found in nature that are valuable to humans.
What is global warming? It is an increase of Earth's average temperature. Scientists believe relates to pollution.
What are satellites? objects placed into orbit around a planet.
What is free trade? It is trade between nations without high taxes.
What are exports? They are goods sent to other countries for buying/selling.
What are imports? They are good received from other countries for buying and selling.
What is September 11, 2001? It is when the US became the target of a series of terrorist attacks led by al-Qaeda.
What is the Patriot Act? It allows greater communication between intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the US.
Created by: jdl6945