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Cold War Pass Review

What was the Cold War? It was a conflict between the US and the Soviet Union, fought with ideas, words and money.
What is communism? It is a political and economic system in which the government owns all of the businesses and land.
What was the Iron Curtain? It was an imaginary line dividing Europe into communist and non-communist countries.
What is NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization? It was a military alliance with the nations of Western Europe to promise to help each other if there was an attack against the Soviet Union.
What were the causes of the Korean War? It was caused by North Korea wanting South Korea to be communist.
What was McCarthyism? It was a campaign started by a US senator named Joseph McCarthy to rid the US of communists.
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? It happened when the Soviet Union placed nuclear missiles in Cuba aimed at the US.
What is the space race? It was a competition between the US and the Soviet Union to explore space.
What is the arms race? It was a competition between the US and the Soviet Union to have the most powerful weapons.
What is the Berlin Wall? It was a barrier that separated the West Berlin from East Berlin because of communist beliefs.
What was the Vietnam War? It was a conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam wanted South Vietnam to be communist.
What was Sputnik? It was the first satellite launched into space by the Soviet Union.
Who was Neil Armstrong? He was the first American man to walk on the moon.
What is OPEC? It was created for the purpose of negotiating with oil companies on matters of oil production, prices and future concession rights.
Created by: jdl6945
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