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Irregular Verbs I

Simple Past and Past Participle 1

Simple PastPast Participle
( INFINITIVE: ARISE ) SIMPLE PAST: AROSE / She arose from her seat. PAST PARTICIPLE: ARISEN / She has arisen from her seat.
( INFINITIVE: RISE ) SIMPLE PAST: ROSE / He rose to the challenge. PAST PARTICIPLE: RISEN* / He has risen to the challenge. *There is a typo on p. 143 of the HSPT booklet. This flash card is correct.
( INFINITIVE: COME ) SIMPLE PAST: CAME / She rarely came to class. PAST PARTICIPLE: COME / She has rarely come to class.
( INFINITIVE: BECOME ) SIMPLE PAST: BECAME / He became the principal. PAST PARTICIPLE: BECOME / He has become the principle.
( INFINITIVE: RUN ) SIMPLE PAST: RAN / She ran six miles. PAST PARTICIPLE: RUN / She had run six miles.
( INFINITIVE: BEGIN ) SIMPLE PAST: BEGAN / He began the race too quickly. PAST PARTICIPLE: BEGUN / He had begun the race too quickly.
( INFINITIVE: SING ) SIMPLE PAST: SANG / The family sang "Happy Birthday" together. PAST PARTICIPLE: SUNG / The family had sung "Happy Birthday" together.
( INFINITIVE: DRINK ) SIMPLE PAST: DRANK / He drank too little water. PAST PARTICIPLE: DRUNK / He had drunk too little water.
( INFINITIVE: HANG ) SIMPLE PAST: HUNG / She hung up the framed painting crooked. PAST PARTICIPLE: HUNG / She has hung up the framed painting crooked.
( INFINITIVE: SHRINK ) SIMPLE PAST: SHRANK / She shrank her sweatshirt in the dryer. PAST PARTICIPLE: SHRUNK / She had shrunk her sweatshirt in the dryer.
( INFINITIVE: DRIVE ) SIMPLE PAST: DROVE / We drove past the school. PAST PARTICIPLE: DRIVEN / We had driven past the school.
( INFINITIVE: FALL ) SIMPLE PAST: FELL / The books fell from my backpack. PAST PARTICIPLE: FALLEN / The books had fallen from my backpack.
( INFINITIVE: FREEZE ) SIMPLE PAST: FROZE / I froze lemonade into popsicles. PAST PARTICIPLE: FROZEN / I have frozen lemonade into popsicles.
( INFINITIVE: GIVE ) SIMPLE PAST: GAVE / He gave his mom flowers. PAST PARTICIPLE: GIVEN / He had given his mom flowers.
Created by: Kassiemail7