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Vet Techican Unit 1

learning the Techican Of being a vet and knowing the following question.

What Does Anemia Mean? Decrease in the Red Blood Cells
What is Pericarduim? The fibrous Sac that encloses the heart
A compound fracture? Bone that Breaks through the Skin
An Orchiectomy? Revomal of the Testes
Microfiliaria? The larval stage of the Heartwarm
What is the Abomasum? The 4th Decompartment of The Rumiant Stomach
The function of the ceum is to? Aide in the Digestion of the Fibrous Material
Carbohydrates contain or include? Simple Sugars
which organization governs the use,storage and disposal of controlled Substance? DEA
Which Zoonoic Diseases can be fatal in human? Rabies
Diseases that can be transmitted to human are known as? Zoonotic
Which of the Following diseases is not a disease that affects the Dogs? Black Leg
Which of the following Bedding materials is most commonly used in small animal clinic? Newspaper
Which of the Follwing substance is not considered a bio hazard Substance? Syringe
Which of the Following needles has a smallest Bore? 25
Created by: vethannah101