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Emancipation Proclamation Document issued by Lincoln that declared that all slaves in Confederate-held territory were free
54th Massachusetts Volunteers Regiment of African-American soldiers that gained fame for its courageous assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina
Copperheads Northern Democrats who favored peace in the South
writ of habeas corpus Law that prevents the government from holding citizens without formal charges
Clara Barton Civil War nurse who later founded the American Red Cross
Battle of Gettysburg Battle in 1863 in Pennsylvania when Union forces stopped a confederate invasion of North
George Pickett Confederate general who fought at Gettysburg
Pickett's Charge Failed assault on Union Position on final day of Battle of Gettysburg
Siege of Vicksburg The surrounding of the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, by Union forces
Sherman's march to sea Union general Sherman's destructive march across Georgia
Appomattox Court House town in Virginia where Lee surrendered to Grant
Walt Whitman Poet who wrote about the Civil War
Ford's Theatre Washington, D.C. theater where Lincoln was shot
John Wilkes Booth Confederate supporter who assassinated Abraham Lincoln
Thirteenth Amendment Constitutional amendment that ended slavery
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