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Moose-20 Century SC

20th Century South Carolina

How did SC's economy improve during Strom Thurmond's administration as governor? Charleston's port facilities grew and improved and educational improvements were made.
What is one reason Charleston become a major seaport? through its container facilities
How were veterans helped through the GI Bill? loans to build house, open businesses, educational grants
What federal government project did Strom Thurmond bring to SC? Savannah River Site
How did the Savannah River Site boost SC's economy? brought jobs to rural community
Why is SC an attractive place to build factories? SC gives businesses a tax break, low wages are paid, lack of labor unions
What does it mean that SC is a "right to work" state? Laws support management, workers aren't required to join labor unions so companies deal directly with workers instead of union leaders
Why do foreign companies relocate to SC? busy commercial ports to export/import products
What did the NAACP do upon its establishment? worked to challenge discriminatory laws through the courts
Which civil rights leader organized branches of NAACP in SC? Modjeska Simkins
Which Civil Rights organization developed plans of action against civil rights violations? National Urban League
Which organization staged sit-ins in restaurants, led the first freedom rides, and conducted voter registration drives? CORE (Congress of Racial Equality)
Which leader believed in non-violent protests as the best method to challenge discriminatory laws? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Which group of young people worked to help blacks register to vote, led sit-ins at lunch counters, and led boycotts of businesses not serving black customers? Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Which SC college was the first to desegregate in 1963? Clemson
What is the event began with a protest of segregation at a bowling alley, resulting in the deaths of 3 students? Orangeburg Massacre
What was the chant of the Friendship Nine to bring more attention to the lunch counter protest? Jail, no bail
Who was the public school teacher that taught civil disobedience and founded citizenship schools? Septima Clark
Which civil rights leader helped write the declaration for the Briggs v. Elliot court case? Modjeska Simkins
Which SC leader was the first African-American federal judge who challenged segregation during the Civil Rights Movement? Matthew J. Perry
Which court case ruled white primaries in SC was unconstitutional? Elmore v. Rice
Which court case challenged Plessy v. Ferguson for an equal school bus to take children to the all-black school and what was its outcome? Briggs v. Elliot; ruling was for the state of SC
What is significant about the ruling of Brown v. Board of Education? overturned Plessy v. Ferguson, stating integration in schools with "all deliberate speed"
What was Strom Thurmond's response to the ruling of Brown v. Board of Education? condemned the decision by the Supreme Court
Created by: camoose
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