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Age of Reform

Chapter 13 (North and South) and 14 (Age of Reform)

Who led the slave rebellion? Nat Turner
Who invented the steamboat? Robert Fulton
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse
What is Morse Code? Series of dots and dashes representing letters of the alphabet.
What was the purpose of Associated Press? It was formed to speed up the spread of news.
What machine did Cyrus McCormick invent? The Mechanical Reaper
Who were immigrants? People who came to America in search of of freedom. They often settled in cities and found work in mills and factories.
What were working conditions like for immigrants? Employees worked long days in dangerous conditions and suffered injuries because of it. People lost fingers and broke bones.
What is a strike? People refused to work in order to put pressure on employers to improve working conditions.
What is discrimination? Unfair treatment.
What was the first African American newspaper? Freedom's Journal
What was an extreme shortage of food called? A Famine
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What were farmers who did not have slaves called? Yeoman
What were Tenant Farmers? They rented land on a landlord's estate.
What is slave code? Laws in the Southern states that controlled enslaved people
Who led a rebellion among the slaves? Nat Turner
Who was Harriet Tubman? A woman born into Slavery and escaped to the North. She also was the best conductor of the Underground railroad.
What was the importance of the Underground Railroad? It offered aid to enslaved people who escaped
What was the religious wave that stirred the nation in the 1700s? The Second Great Awakening
What was Utopia? A community based on a vision of a perfect society
What is Temperance? Drinking little or no alcohol
What did Thomas Gallaudet do? Founded Hartford school for the deaf
Who were transcendentalists? Thinkers and writers
What did Harriet Beecher Stowe write? The bestseller of the mid 1850s - Dealt with the injustice of slavery
What was The Liberator? An Anti Slavery newspaper
Who was Fredrick Douglass? An escaped slave who taught himself to read and write. He also helped women have the right to vote.
What is Suffrage? The right to vote
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