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US History

The Roaring 20's

Return to Normalcy President Harding. takes US back to isolation after WWI, re-imposes tariffs and big business friendly policies
Sacco and Vanzetti Vanzetti was arrested with Sacco on charges of murder and convicted in 1921. Convicted and accused despite minimal evidence, example of racism toward Italians at the time
Prohibition the banning of buying, selling and drinking of alcohol. it was the 18th amendment. leads to growth of organized crime and realization that it is difficult to enforce laws that regulate behavior of people
Scopes Trial William Jennings Bryan against Darrow in an American court case that tested a law passed in 1925. it forbid the teaching of evolution in Tennessee public schools.
Flappers refers to you women from the 1920's that would dress unconventionally and act like women never acted before. the flapper represented a new breed of woman, unafraid to wear cosmetics and provocative clothing or to be seen smoking or drinking alcohol
Harlem Renaissance Flowering of African American culture. Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, Bessie Smith
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