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Youngy's Stack

History Half Yearly Exam

When was the United Nations formed. 24/10/1945
What is the role of the United Nations. To Maintain and uphold international peace.
What Does W.H.O stand for. World Health Organisation.
What Does UNICEF stand for. United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.
What Does UNESCO stand for. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
What has Australia's role been in the United Nations. Australia was a founding member of the United Nations and has been actively engaged in the organisation since its formation.
What Does N.A.T.O stand for. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The alliance between capitalist European states and The United States of America
What is the Soviet Union. A union of communist states in central and eastern Europe, controlled as a single entity from Moscow
What Are the allies. the powers of the Triple Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia),
What is Capitalism. An economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
What is Communism. Under communism, all means of production are owned in common, rather than by individuals. In practice, a single authoritarian party controls both the political and economic systems.
What is Populate Or Perish It is important to remember that during the war Australia had been on the verge of invasion from Japan. Therefore, Australia embarked on a grand adventure to expand its small population.
Top five countries Migrants came from. 1 United Kingdom & Ireland 2 Italy 3 New Zealand 4 Germany 5 Greece
What is the The Domino Theory The United States that speculated that if one state in a region came under the influence of communism, then the surrounding countries would follow in a domino effect.
What is the Forward Defence Policy. The Forward defence doctrine involved Australia going out of the country to prevent other countries getting anywhere near Australia.
What is the Cold war. The economic, diplomatic and proxy war between the United States of America and N.A.T.O (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) and the Soviet Union (Russia and its Communist Allies) from 1949-1991.
Who is Doc Evat. Evatt joined the diplomatic councils of the allies during World War II. In 1945, he played a leading role in the founding of the UN. He was President of the U.N. General Assembly from 1948 to 1949.
What was Australia's involvement in the Korean And Veitnam war. Australia Provided Military Assistance and Training.
What is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. A international document that states basic rights and fundamental freedoms to which all human beings are entitled.
What is Protectionism/ Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism suggests that more evolved and successful societies will thrive whilst people of less evolved societies will die off.( the isolation of aboriginals From White People.)
What is Assimilation. Assimilation required aboriginal people to renounce and all indigenous culture, tradition and language. They had to live in towns and had to apply for an exemption to be recognised as white.
Created by: Danfony
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