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nit 6 chapter 14

Who was the great leader in the middle Ages? Charlemane
What funcions did Rhine and Danube providr for thekingdoms inEurope? anatural barrier, a source of water for irrigating ,waterways for travel and trade,and a source of food.
where didCharlegmages Empire by 814? included most of western and central Europe?
When where th middle ages? beggining around 500, after the fall of the Roman Empireand ending around 1000.
Why did Charles the Great constantly fight pagan Saxons in Northern Germany and the Spanidh muslims? he was to convot Christian who wanted to build a Christian empire in Europe.
What physical feuture is the content of europe ? like a grat penninsula the Eurasian landmass just out from asia.
how does Europes topography affectits climate? a meditteranian climate hot dry summers with rainfall in the winters.
St.Patric was an important missionarythat spreads Christianity through out what part of Europe? He converted pagans into Ireland.
What did Christianity teach about the nature of humans? The people are weak and salvation could only be reached by being a member of the Roman Chatolic Church.
How did Christianity spread across Europe? Threw Religious orders of monks and nuns that lived in convents.
What are some common duties tha monks and nuns performed ? They spend there day studying the bible and praying for the sick and poor.
What was the unique opportunity convert life offered to man and woman ? It was a way to become a Scholar by studying the bible wich explained all aspects of life.
Who invited Europe for loot and better climate? The Vikings .
What where the duties of the Pesants?
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