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US History

Progrssive Era

Populists pre cursor tot eh Progressives. Election of 1892, platform graduated income tax. government ownership of railroads, telephone and telegraph. direction election of senators, 8 hour work day, initiative and referendum
Ida Tarbell Writes the History of the Standard Oil Company that details Rockefeller's ruthless use of power to create an abusive monopoly
Upton Sinclair Wrote "The Jungle" that explores the meat packing industry of Chicago. this leads to the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act of 1906.
Jane Adams established Hull House, a settlement house that provided playgrounds, a library and adult education. 1st step in public housing and creating an interest in urban development
Muckraker term applied to journalists who demanded reform of big business
Pure Food and Drug Act and the Pure Meat Act of 1906 Precursor to the FDA, required inspection of food to ensure that it was safe to eat.
Seneca Falls Conference women's rights convention in Seneca falls NY. 1st meeting to discuss women's rights, demanded the right to vote (suffrage)
Cady Stanton co authored the declaration at Seneca falls and president of the national women's suffrage association.
Susan B. Anthony leader of the movement to fight for women's rights to property, to vote and to be allowed to get an education
Theodore Roosevelt conservationist president. opens 1st national park and federal lands
the Square deal It was Teddy Roosevelt's effort to get congress to pass laws that strengthened the Interstate Commerce Commission and established a new federal department of labor and commerce
Trust Busting good vs. bad trusts. Roosevelt tried to work with monopolies to end abuse.
Federal reserve system of federal banks designed to maintain a stable currency. the main tasks of fed are supervise and regulate banks. implement monetary policy, issue and purchase US Treasury
Woodrow Wilson "New Freedom" lowering of tariffs improve national bank help farmers and labor
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