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US History

1950's and 1960's

domino theory extension of Truman Doctrine by Eisenhower. If one country falls to communism it makes those around it more likely to fall. drags US into war with Vietnam. later revived into he 1980's for Latin America
brinkmanship Dulles (sec. of state under Eisenhower) plans to take the US up to the brink of war to oppose Soviets
Sputnik 1st space flight by USSR. Leads to a "space race" to have the first man in space and finally to put the first man on the moon.
Civil Rights NAACP formed in 1909 had been fighting for equal rights for blacks, the movement becomes much stronger in the 1950's after Truman desegregates the military and with the heroic service of blacks in WW II
Rosa Parks black woman who refused to give her seat up on the bus to a white person. she was arrested. This led to a boycott of bussing until they let blacks ride on the same busses with white
Little Rock 9 nine African American students who were led by military through an all white school after they were allowed into it. This happened after brown V Board of education.
Dr. martin Luther King Jr. lad many protests using passive resistance and civil disobedience. "I have a dream" speech is what he is known for. all of his protests were peaceful demonstrations
Bay of Pigs the Bay of Pigs invasion was an unsuccessful attempt by Unites states to overthrown Fidel Castro under JFK This led to severed diplomatic relations with Cuba.
Cuban Missile Crisis It was the closest thing the world ever came to nuclear war. USSR attempted to put nuclear weapons in Cuba. Kennedy put naval blockade around Cuba . threats followed USSR backed down.
Johnson and The Great Society president Johnson continues Kennedy's war on poverty by expanding social programs, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare programs and educational spending
Peace Corps Kennedy's vision of the US helping the world. Organization that took privileged children and gave them the opportunity to volunteer and help people in the 3rd world countries
Malcolm X He fought for rights but did it in violent ways.
Vietnam US sent French forces in S Vietnam and then eventually $. The French withdrew the US then sent troops there and went to war.
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