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History Test 4/28

History Test

what were the main investments for the urban centers? coal, iron, and steel processing
what is the key component to industrialization? railroads
who/how did they build all the railroads? they used prison labor
what were the two bustling ports? New Orleans and Charleston
how many rail-lines connected the North and South? 2
what three new cities emerged? Atlanta, Nashville, and Dallas
what dominated southern agriculture? cotton (southern centerpiece)
what percentage/fraction of cotton production reduced? 1/3
what did this lead to? Europeans found other cotton supplies=cotton price dropped
what is the farmer's alliance? convincing government to lower RR costs
what did banks do? they lowered interest rates---> loans
what is the Civil Right's Act of 1875? it guaranteed black patron's rights like use of public facilities, hotels, and ride trains (supreme court didn't agree)
where were the great plains located? West: Rocky Mountains East: Mississippi River South: Texas North: South Dakota
who were the plain Indians? Sioux, Crowe, Black feet, Cheyenne, and Comanche
how many people were in the bands? 500
what did the women do? they were homemakers and child care
what did the men do? hunt, trade, and fight
what animal was relied heavily on? buffalo (all parts used)
what was their religion? gods and spirits by nature
what were the three main professions? famers, miners, and ranchers
what is annuities? when the federal government pays .50ยข an acre
how many Sioux were put to death when Dakota Sioux fought back? 38
what is "fetterman's massacre?" Captain Fetterman was tricked out of fort and ambushed led by Chief Crazy Horse killing 80 U.S. soldiers
what is the "sand creek massacre?" 100's of Cheyenne NA's massacred by U.S. troops
what was the attempt at peace? congress formed Indian Peace Community and drew up a treaty
what did the treaty state? 2 large reservations (sioux and other tribes) controlled by Bureau of Indian Affairs *was a failure*
what is the treaty of Ft. Laramine? when many of siowa were forced to relocate to the Dakota's (ND, SD, MT) =more bloodshed
where was gold found? in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the Lakota Sioux reservation
what did miners do? they felt they didn't have to abide to the treaty
what is the battle of Little Big Horn? when the government sent troops to MT and brought NA's back to their reservation
who is Lt. Col George Armstrong Custer ? he led the mission and was impulsive and arrogant
what is Custer's last stand? Custer launched 3 Prong attack and greatly underestimated the situation
how many soldiers were involved? 210 US troops and 2500 Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne
who lost? Custer lost and his men were killed
what happened at Nez Perce? chief joseph refused to move to the smallest reservation
what did chief joseph do? he fled the reservation 1,300 miles to Idaho and was exiled to Oklahoma
who is in the final battle? U.S. vs Sioux
what is the ghost dance? Sioux performed the forbidden dance as a ritual to ward off the U.S. settlers
what is the dawes act? to replace reservation with Allotment System which gives NA families 160 acres of land
where is the blue mud? Nevada and its the largest silver boom river with a massive silver deposit
how many people appeared in VA City overnight? 30k
what is Colorado famous for? huge gold boom
what company discovered silver and gold? Leadville co.
what is the second largest city in the west? Denver
what is the term for raising cattle? ranching
who was the chief of nez perce? chief joseph
who are people that administered justice on their own? vigilantes
what mountain did tribe Sioux leave for? Little Big Horn
where were native American's forced to? reservations
how many acres did dawes act give? 160 acres
but you couldn't sell this property for how long? 25 years
what railroad was built from the north to the south? transcontinental
what was the resource found in Montana? copper
what do you call a Mexican cattle raiser? velcueros
what kind of crop is cotton? cash
what part of the south was completely destroyed? the south
was is it called when you allow cattle to go free? open range
when in closed range, what did they use to keep cattle in? barbwire
where were the rail centers? Kansas
Created by: KJohnson23
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