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The Cold War Begins

Satellite state "An independent nation who is under the control of a more powerful nation. "
Cold War "A worldwide rivalry between the united states and the Soviet Union that went on for 46 years. It is known as the Cold War because the two superpowers never faced each other directly in a"hot" military conflict. "
Iron curtain used to define the boarder between the Soviet Union Satellite states and Western Europe. East of the curtain the Soviet Union was gaining more control by installing communist governments and police states by crushing political and religious views.
Truman Doctrine President Truman’s Promise to aid nations struggling against communist movements. It set a new course for American foreign policy.
George F. Kennan The author of "The sources of soviet conduct." He was an American diplomat and a leading authority on the Soviet Union and came up with the idea of containment.
Containment George F. Kennan's article "The Sources of Soviet Conduct" presented a blueprint for the American policy of containment. The goal of containment was to keep communism contained within it's existing borders.
Marshall plan The united States gave about $13 billion in grants and loans to nations in Western Europe. The plan provided food to reduce famine, fuel to heat houses and factories.
Berlin airlift Stalin was determined to capture West Berlin, he stopped all highway, railway, and waterway traffic from Western Germany into Western Berlin. The United States and Britain supplied West Berlin with food, fuel, medical supplies, clothing, and toys.
NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization formed in 1949. It provided the military alliance to counter Soviet expansion.
Warsaw Pact The Soviet Union and its satellite states formed a rival military alliance because of West Germany becoming a member of NATO.
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