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The Allies Turn to the Tide

Ultimate Goal "This main idea was to win the war, but the U.S. knew that the only was to defeat the other side was to defeat Germany and Hilter by taking a "Europe First" approach "
Dwight Eisenhower An energetic American officer, known as "Ike" who commanded the Allied invasion of North Africa
George S. Patton Jr. An innovative tank commander who was put in command of American forces in North Africa. He was a single minded general known as Blood & Guts; when forces advanced east it boosted confidence
Unconditional Surrender FDR said this was the only way that the war could end which meant the other side would have to give up completely
Saturation Bombing When Allied bombers flew at night to avoid being shot down in big numbers, purpose was to inflict maximum damage on Germany
Strategic Bombing Planned attacks by American bombers on key political & industrial centers to destroy Germany's capacity to make war
Tuskegee Airmen African American fighter squadron that played a key role in escort bombers and protected them from fighter pilots. In over 1500 missions over enemy territory they didn't lose a single bomber.
Momentum A foward push mainly by the Japanese across the pacific while the allies took "Europe First" approach
Chester Nimitz An admiral commander of the U.S. Navy in the Pacific, who knew the Japanese plan due to Navy code breakers that intercepted Japnanese messages
Battle of Midway Where the Japanese dominance of the Pacific ahead as they no longer threatened Hawaii or the Pacific, Japan become more defensive than offensive
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