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pg 656

Hideki Tojo Japanese Prime Minister. Focused on military expansion, sought to keep the U.S neutral; delivered the first blow in December against the U.S.
Pearl Harbor The site of the U.S Navy's main Pacific base; the attack of Japan. 2,500 people were killed, 8 battle ships were damaged and 160 aircraft were destroyed. The attack of was in 1941. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the act that brought the US into WWII
Womens Army Corps Provided clerical, workers, truck drivers, instructors and lab technicians for the U.S army. More than 150,000 women volunteered for the service
Douglas MacArthur Commander of the U.S army forces in Asia; struggled to hold U.S positions in the Philippines with little support. He position his forces to repel the Japanese invasion, but he badly miscalculated the strength of the enemy and was forced to retreat.
Bataan Death March The Philippines fall to the Japanese; Japanese troops forced American troops to walk the Bataan peninsula; 7,000 American and Filipino troops died during the journey
Battle of Coral Sea helped to kindle hope for the American military in the pacific; may 1942; major navy battle in the pacific. was between Japanese and the U.S
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