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p.677 The Home Front

p.677 The Home Front (WWII)

A. Philip Randolph Asserted that African Americans would no longer accept second-class citizenship. Demanded president Roosevelt end discriminatory practices in government-funded taining, employment, and armed services.
Executive Order 8802 Under pressure Roosevelt issued this measure to assure fair hiring practices in any job funded with government money and established the fair employment practices committee to enforce these requirements.
Bracero Program To alleviate the rural population drain, especially inthe west, the United states partnered with Mexico to operate a program bringing laborers from Mexico to work on American farms.
Internment Temporary Imprisonment of members of a specific group, initiated by The War Departments.
Koremastu v. United States In 1944 Japanese Americans went to court to seek their rights. The Supreme Court upheld the government's wartime internment policy.
442nd Regimental Combat Team The all-Nisei fought in the Italian campaign and became the most decorated military unit in American history. Helped counter the notion that Japanese Americans were not loyal citizens.
Rationing A form of economic control. Americans were issued coupon books that limited the amount of certain goods, such as butter and tires, that they could buy.Ensured that raw materials such as rubber and oil found their way into war production.
OWI Office of War Information worked closely with the media to encourage support of the war effort.Tried to spotlight common needs, minimize racial and economic divisions, and downplay problems of poverty and crime.
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