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Floor Hockey LMS

goaltender player who is responsible for not allowing the opposing team to score a goal
defensemen player who is responsible for stopping the opposing team for attacking the goal
forwards players who are typically responsible for trying to score goals, including wings and centers
blade part of the stick used to advance the ball, pass and shot
wrist shot shot used when a quick shot is need
slap shot a more forceful that that takes more time to use
clear term used to describe removing the hockey ball from your teams half of the court
crease area where the goalie will stand to defend the goal
poke check defensive technique using ones hockey stick to poke the hockey ball away from the offensive player
power play when a team has an advantage of players on the court due to the other team receiving a penalty
short handed when a team has less players on the court because they got a penalty
A typical hockey game has 6 players: 1 goalie, _____ defensive players and 3 offensive players. two
A regular hockey game consists of _______ periods. three
Freeze the puck When the goalie steps on or covers the puck
Each goal is worth ______ point. one
Right handed players will have their _____ hand closest to the stick blade. right
Left handed players will have their _______ hand closest to the stick blade. left
All players should separate their hands by roughly 2 feet to have better ______ of the stick. control
Players should use ______ sides of the blade to move quickly. both
Players controlling the ball will keep their ______ up to see what is happening. eyes
The goalie should place themselves in front of the goal, not ______ the goal. inside
The game starts with a ___________. face-off
A player __________ stop the ball with their hands. can
A player _________ hold the ball or throw it to another teammate. cannot
Penalties can be called for pushing, elbowing, ____ sticking, hitting another player. high
A stick that goes above the ______ at any time is considered high sticking. waist
When a penalty occurs, a _______ stops the play so they guilty person can stand by the teacher. whistle
A _____ penalty, such as pushing, elbowing, tripping, and high sticking = 2 minutes out. minor
If your team is on the power play and you score a goal before the 2 minutes is up, what happens to the opposing player in the penalty box? They no longer stay in the penalty box because the other team scored a power play goal.
If your team is on the penalty kill (person on your team got a penalty) and someone on your team scores a goal, what is it called? Short handed goal
Starting play by dropping the puck between 2 opposing players Face off
Created by: mapraschak