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US History Chap. 13

1. charter a constitution
2. satellite nations nations politically and economically dominated or controlled by another more powerful country
3. Iron Curtain the political and military barrier that isolated soviet-controlled countries of Eastern Europe after WWII
4. containment the policy or process of preventing the expansion of a hostile power
5. limited war a war fought with limited commitment of resources to achieve a limited objective, such as containing communism
6. subversion a systematic attempt to overthrow a government by using persons working secretly from within
7. loyalty review program a policy established by president Truman that authorized the screening of all federal employees to determine their loyalty to the U.S. government
8. perjury lying when one has sworn under oath to tell the truth
9. censure to express a formal disapproval of an action
10. fallout radioactive particles dispersed by a nuclear explosion
11. massive retaliation a policy of threatening a massive response, including the use of nuclear weapons, against a communist state trying to seize a peaceful state by force
12. brinkmanship the practice of pushing a dangerous situation to the limit to force an opponent to back down
13. covert not openly shown or engaged in; secret
14. developing nation a nation whose economy is primarily agricultural
15. military-industrial complex an informal relationship that some people believe exists between the military and the defense industry to promote greater military spending and influence government policy
Created by: morganmont
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