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Chapter 24

Yalta Conference resulted Decision made at the ___________in the Soviet Union gaining a large chunk of Poland.
The Cold War was not fought with military weapons but with words and diplomacy.
The Truman Doctrine promised American economic aid to any free country to help in resist Communist aggression
The Marshall Plan said that the U.S. would provide economic assistance to help European nations recover from World War II
Molotov Plan, Under the___________ nations of Eastern Europe would trade raw materials with the Soviet Union in Exchange for manufactured goods.
Red Guards Students and young people called________ filled China’s streets with Communist demonstrations in the “Cultural Revolution.”
The Pueblo was an American naval ship seized by North Korea in the Sea of Japan.
Bay of Pigs The invasion of Cuban rebels was thwarted at the_______when President Kennedy failed to supply air cover to the patriots.
“iron curtain” Winston Churchill coined the phrase___________to describe the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.
The Berlin Wall was erected to keep East Berliners from escaping to West Berlin
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