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World War II

The Home Front

A. Philip Randolph The charismatic and savvy labor leader who asserted that African Americans would no longer accept second class citizenship.
Executive Order 8802 This measure assured fair hiring practices in any jobs funded with government money and established the Fair Employment Practices Committee to enforce these requirment.
Bracero Program Brought laborers from Mexico to work on American farms.
Internment Temporary imprisonment of members of a specific group.
Korematsu v. U.S. Fred Korematsu was arrested for resisting the army's order. Korematsu argued that he was denied equal protection under the law simply because he was a Japanese American. Justice Frank Murphy wrote the internment "falls into the ugly abyss of racism."
442nd Regimental Combat Team Fought in the Italian campaign and became the most decorated military unit in American history.
Rationing Another form of economic control, which had the authority to control wages and set maximum prices.
Office of War Information (OWI) Worked closely with the media to encourage support of the war effort, tried to spotlight common needs, minimize racial and economic divisions, and downplay problems of poverty and crime.
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