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Sec 2:The Korean War

Jiang Jieshi Nationalist leader that fought a civil war against communists leaders in China; Known as Chiang Kai-Shek in America
Moa Zedong Communist leader in China that fought to have Communism in Asia, The Soviet Union Supported him to Help spread the idea of Communism
38th parallel a line dividing Korea at the 38th Parallel of latitude turnig Korea into 2 Parts, North and South Korea
Douglas MacArthur General during WWII; his planned help push North Korean Communist to run away and retreat leading to the to the Resolution through the UN
Limited war A war policy issued President Truman to limit Americas involvment in the War
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization(SEATO) SEATO was a defensive alliance aimed at preventing the spread of communism in Southeast Asia"
Created by: Zeron98