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Chapter 16 Vocab

Laissez-Faire Policy “let (people) do (as they choose).”
Textiles are woven or machine knitted fabrics.
Disfranchise take the right to vote away from blacks.
Grandfather Clause to give the vote back to poor whites
Jim Crow Laws laws that established segregation
Segregation separation of the races
Populists called for changes in government that would help the small farmer.
Direct Primary all of the party’s members(not just those attending the nominating convention) vote for the candidates of their choice.
Prohibition forbidding by law the making or selling of alcoholic beverages.
Bankruptcy is a legal judgment that a person or a business cannot pay its debts.
Fringe Benefits of any kind—no paid vacation, no sick leave, no health insurance
Labor Union is an organization of workers formed to improve their wages, benefits,and working conditions.
Strikes (work stoppages by workers)
Collective Bargaining negotiations between union officials and management officials to settle issues.
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