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1A1 Year History

The Work of Historians and Archaeologists, Early Ireland, Ancient al

Give two ways in which an archaeologist decides where to excavate. Research Archaeology, Rescue Archaeology OR by accident
What new skill did Neolithic people bring to Ireland? Farming
P_____________ is when information or rumours are spread to influence people’s views. Propaganda
What do the letters AD stand for? Anno Domini
What do the letters BC stand for? Before Christ
Explain the words ‘megalithic monument’. mega = large, lith = stone Large Stone Monuments
W_____________ and D___________ was a method of making walls in Neolithic huts by placing mud over a woven wall. Wattle and Daub
What does the word ‘Mesolithic’ mean? Middle Stone Age
What is a primary source? A source that comes directly from the past
How did the people in the Mesolithic period get their food? What do we call them as a result? They hunted animals and gathered nuts, berries, etc. We call them hunter-gatherers
What does the word ‘Neolithic’ mean? New Stone Age
Bronze Age people buried their dead in C_________________ graves and W_____________________ tombs. Cist and Wedge
Why were druids so important in Celtic society? They organised religious ceremonies and offered sacrifices to the gods.
What was the tuath and who ruled over it? It was the land the Celts lived on and it was ruled over by the Rí.
What is a fulacht fiadh? A Bronze Age cooking device which a pit, hot stones and water are used to cook meat.
S_____________________, Imbolc, B________________________ and L________________________ were the most important religious festivals held by the Celts. Samhain, Bealtaine and Lughnasa
Who were the Aos Dána? They were the learned and skilled people of the Celtic time.
What was the role of women in Celtic society? Noble women held important position Most had little influence and spent time cooking, spinning, weaving, etc
Name the settlers who came to Ireland around 500 B.C. What new metal did they bring? Celts Iron
List two out of four different kinds of places where the Celts lived. Raths/Cashels, Crannógs, Hillforts and Promontory Forts
Newgrange is Neolithic megalithic monument, but what type of megalithic monument is it? Passage Tomb
What sort of government is a republic? A government that could be elected by its citizens
What was the tithe? Is one-tenth of the peasants crops paid to the priest
Who could become a member of a Roman legion? Roman citizens
Name two barbarian tribes that invaded the Roman Empire. Angles, Saxons, Franks, Vandals and Goths
What were insulae? The Ancient Rome version of blocks of flats
What was the official dress of a Roman citizen? A Toga
C____________________ was started about AD 30 by a man called J______________. Christianity and Jesus
What did the bailiff do in the village? He looked after the rent, taxes, law and order of the Medieval village
What were freemen and serfs? Serf = belonged to the lord and farmed his land Freeman = paid rent and taxes to the lord but could travel as he pleased
Who were the patricians? Rich Romans
Who were the plebeians? Poor Romans
Name two Roman gods and say what each of them looked after. Jupiter = father of the gods Venus = goddess of love Mars = god of war Lares = household gods
Why did Romans put coins in the eyes of their dead? To pay for their fare to the next world
Romans loved to watch fights between gladiators. The fights were held in the C___________________, which was near the F_________________. Colosseum, Forum
What was dole? Handouts of bread provided by the government
Name two types of people who could be vassals to the king. Earl, Count, Bishop and Abbots
List two ways in which the Romans still influence us today. Alphabet, Language, Calendar, Latin names, Laws and Engineering
List two ways an enemy might try to capture a castle. Battering Ram, Catapults, Ballista, Siege Towers/Ladders, Tunnels
People believed that a dead person’s spirit was rowed across a mystical river call the S____________ to the next world. Styx
There were three features of a Romanesque church, name two. Round arches, Dark interiors, Thick and round columns
What was the curfew? The time when all fires had to be out
Which style of church developed in Europe around 1000 A.D.? Gothic
How was the lord of the castle educated? By the priest
What disease appeared in 1347? The Black Death (Bubonic plague)
A C____________________ was a legal document in which the king agreed to let a town run its own affairs. Charter
Name two of the three stages a boy would go through to become a knight. Page, Squire and Knight
The monks’ day begins at three o’clock; they get out of bed to sing M___________ (morning prayers) in the church. Matins
Patrons Cosimo and Lorenzo share the same surname, what was it? De Medici
What is a fresco? A picture painted directly onto wall/wet plaster
During the Renaissance books started to be written in the vernacular, what does vernacular mean? The local language
Andreas Vesalius is associated with the: skeleton OR blood circulation? Blood circulation
List two reasons why the Renaissance began in Italy. Roman empire, Greek scholars, Wealthy merchants, New ideas & Independent states
S___________________ is where you add shading to picture. Sfumato
Copernicus believed that the Earth rotated around the Sun, who proved that his theory was right? Galileo Galilei
What is movable type? Small metal letters used over and over to make new words.
What new development allowed to add depth to a picture? Perspective
Created by: NoogalD
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