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armistice formal agreement between groups fighting a war to stop fighting, sometimes only temporary
menial task or job seen as lowly or degrading
mobilize to assemble or prepare people and supplies for war
mortally of an injury that will eventually cause death
quota strict minimums or maximums, especially in economic production
anthropologist a person who studies the development of human societies and cultures
consumer person who purchases good or services for the pleasure of doing so
desolate deserted or empty
economic depression period of time when the economy suffers from low supply & demand, massive unemployment, and a weak stock market
mass media collection of ways for reaching a large audience
revitalize restore or renew
stereotype simplistic and inaccurate opinion about a group or person
advocacy public support especially for a disadvantaged or unfairly treated group
collateral something of value that is held until a loan is paid back
pension sum of money paid regularly to a retired person
reforestation replanting an area with trees
tramping traveling by borrowed transportation in order to look for work, often by freight trains.
consumption expenditures on goods and services
dictator absolute ruler or tyrant
rationing restriction on the amount of goods allowed to be purchased
status quo existing or accepted state of affairs
war bond loan to government to help finance a war
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