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Civil War

Civil War and Reconstruction

casualties people who are killed, wounded, captured, or missing during a military action
emancipation liberation, especially from slavery
Reconstruction the period following the Civil War during which the Confederate states rejoined the Union
impeach to formally charge a public official with misconduct
the murder of a public figure by surprise attack, usually for political reasons assassination
Freedmen’s Bureau a federal agency formed to aid and protect former enslaved people in the South after the Civil War
the civilian population or the civilian activities of a country at war home front
civilian a person not serving in the armed forces
total war a method of warfare where anything connected to an enemy’s resources is destroyed
a system of farming in which a tenant farmer pays a share of the crops as rent to the landowner sharecropping
Jim Crow the practice of discriminating against and segregating African Americans after Reconstruction
segregation the practice of separating a group of people from the rest of society
The most successful Confederate general Robert E. Lee
Strategy of the Union leaders to defeat the South block seaports, control the Mississippi River, and attack in the East and West at the same time.
Location of most of the battles South
first major battle of the Civil War The First Battle of Bull Run
nickname of General Thomas J. Jackson Stonewall Jackson
These killed many soldiers in the Civil War. new rifles that could shoot farther and more accurate
Deadliest battle of the Civil War Battle of Antietam
The way civilians in the North could see the war happening. photographs by Matthew Brady
Emancipation Proclamation was supposed to do this. Slaves in Confederate states were declared free.
This made life in the South on the home front hard. Prices were high and there wasn't enough food.
This battle gave Grant and the Union army control of the Mississippi River. Battle of Vicksburg
This term best describes the Battle of Gettysburg. turning point
This person led the Union army that captured the city of Atlanta, Georgia and shifted favor to the North. William Tecumseh Sherman
This caused the Confederate army to become weaker. The Confederate government had no money for supplies or more soldiers.
This is where General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. Appomattox Court House, Virginia
After the war, President Lincoln wanted this. defeated Confederate states to set up new governments and rejoin the Union quickly.
The Radical Republicans wanted to change the South by doing this. protect the rights of African Americans
This Amendment ended slavery in the United States. 13th Amendment
The Black Codes did this. limited the rights of African Americans to travel, vote, and work.
This was what life was like during Reconstruction. Many people were poor and it was hard to earn a living.
This man assassinated President Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth
This man became president after Lincoln was killed. Andrew Johnson
Women worked as these things during the Civil War spies, dressed as men and joined the army, and cared for the sick and wounded
This woman founded the Red Cross. Clara Barton
These were white southerners who helped the Republican Party in backing the policies of Reconstruction (supported the rights of African Americans). Scalawags
Date Abraham Lincoln was shot April 14, 1865
April 9, 1865 Date of the end of the Civil War.
This amendment gave all men the right to vote. 15th amendment
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