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Famous Woman BOK #1

Memorize what these famous woman did in their lifetime.

What they didWoman
Co founder of hull house settlement Jane Addams
Led woman suffrage movement Susan B Anthony
Founder of US Woman's Right Movement and organized first woman's right convention Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Infultrated people with her with powerful speeches against slavery and in of equal rights Sojurner Truth
Founder of female anti-slavery society Lucretia Mott
Formed and chaired woman's Peace Party Jane Addams
Co founder of national woman's Suffrage Association Susan B Anthony
responsible for woman's suffrage amendment to US constitution Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Assisted freed slaves as a counselor of Freedman's Relief Association Sojurner Truth
Speech "Discourse on Woman" Lucretia Mott
Wrote 10 books and 500 articles including autobiograpghy, 20 years at Hull House Jane Addams
Gained respect for Woman's movement when she voted illegally Susan B Anthony
Listed woman " Declaration of Sentiments" Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Civil war solicited food and clothing for negro military Sojurner Truth
Formed convention with Elizabeth Cady Stanton for Woman's rights Lucretia Mott
Shared Noble Peace Prize with Nicholas Murray Butler, being first woman to win an award Jane Addams
Work led woman being able to vote Susan B Anthony
Wrote with Susan B Anthony "History of Woman's Suffrage Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Established place in history with "Ain't I a Woman" speech Sojurner Truth
For 50 years dedicted to winning freedom for woman and slaves Lucretia Mott
Indian woman who interpreted for Lewis and Clark expedition Sacajawea
Founder of Datona Education Individual Training School Mary Mc Lead Bethune
strengthen and improved image of Bureu Scholar Statistics Frances Perkins
Founder of American Red Cross Clara Barton
Created by: amandaplease213
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