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American Revolution

French and Indian War North American colonial wars between Great Britain and France
mercantilism an economic policy under which nations seek to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver. They sell more goods (export) than they buy (import)
salutary neglect unofficial British policy avoiding strict enforcement of British laws upon the American colonies
Cherokee War a battle between the Cherokee and British forces during the French and Indian War
Sugar Act tax on sugar and other luxury items
Stamp Act a law requiring revenue stamps to be bought and attached on all official documents (papers, newspapers and playing cards)
Parliament legislative body of Great Britain
Sons of Liberty a secret society organized to protest that sometimes used violence
Daughters of Liberty a group of women who met to sew, support the boycotts, and discuss political issues
Townshend Duties a law placing duties (taxes) on items such as glass, lead, paint, paper and tea, imported by the colonies
Intolerable Acts the British Response to the Boston Tea Party
First Continental Congress delegates met in Philadelphia to discuss the best way to deal with Britain's Intolerable Acts
Henry Middleton a planter who represented SC at the First Continental Congress
Lexington and Concord "shot heard around the world"; war with Britain began in 1775
Declaration of Independence the formal announcement made by the Second Continental Congress that asserted the American colonies' freedom from Britain
Loyalists someone loyal to Great Britain; also called a Tory
Patriots someone loyal to the goals of the American colonies
Contitnental Army army organized and funded by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 to defend the American colonies from Britain
Battle of Camden defeat of Continental Army by British troops
King's Mountain turning point of the American Revolution in the south
Battle of Cowpens British defeat; British troops left SC for NC
Battle of Eutaw Springs last major battle in SC
Frances Marion used guerrilla warfare to attack British troops; the "Swamp Fox"
Thomas Sumter used guerrilla warfare to attack British troops; the "Gamecock"
Andrew Pickens used guerrilla warfare to attack British troops; the "Wizard Owl"
militia a military force composed mainly of citizens
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