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Ancient China

Review for test

Zhou Dynasty Ruled for 800 years
Shang Dynasty Oracle Bones, bronze, First Dynasty
Han Dynasty New books written, Grand Canal, merit based government system
Qin Dynasty Legalism, Great wall, standardized writing system
Sui Dynasty Shortest Dynasty - only 30 years
Tang Dynasty Empress Wu, Golden Age of Literature
Song Dynasty Mongols captured the Emperor
Yuan Dynasty Mongols ruled and gave harsher punishments to the Chinese
Ming Dynasty Restored Chinese Traditions and began naval exploration
Grand Canal Yangtze and Yellow River
Great Wall Unsuccessful as a military fortification
Confucianism Education is the key to making class distinctions disappear
Buddhism Life is filled with suffering, need to follow the middle way
Taoism Accept things as they are and you will be happy
Legalism State and leader's power is the most important aspect of life in the empire
Zheng He Visited 37 countries, established China as a superpower
King Shang Bronze, oracle bones and had servants buried alive with him
Emperor Han Silk road established, get jobs in government by merit not by birth
King Zhou Iron weaponry, bad times were the "warring states period", established feudal states
Emperor Shi Huangdi United China, common currency, Terracotta army
Empress Wu Golden age of Chinese sculpture, literature and invention of gunpowder
Mandate of Heaven Heaven chooses the ruler and rids China of bad rulers
Inner court Empress, Harem, consort and eunuchs
Han Law Code Women treated less harshly than in Mesopotamia
China's biggest import Spices
China's biggest export Silk
Composite bow Mongolian weapon
Info on Genghis Khan Secret History of the Mongols
Tartars Killed by Genghis Khan when this tribe refused to give their loyalty
Mongolia Leader believed he was on a divine mission to conquer the world
Persia Its people are used as human shields to build a bridge to access the walls of a city
Tanguts Killed by Mongols using the weapon the fire bomb
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