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Abeka U.S. History 8

Ch. 23: Which Way, America?

The major independent candidate in the election of 1992 Ross Perot
The black American appointed to the Supreme Court in 1992 Clarence Thomas
Military officer who arranged the sale of weapons to fund the Contras of Nicaragua Colonel Oliver North
Commander of Operation Desert Storm General Colin Powell
The racial segregation policy established in South Africa apartheid
The day in the year when one's yearly earnings stop going for taxes May 6: Tax Freedom Day
Desire to return tribal peoples to their tribal roots and religions multiculturalism
Process of increasing efficiency through the use of self-regulating machines automation
First Lady who promoted a national health care program Hillary Clinton
Conservative leader of Great Britain elected in 1991 Margaret Thatcher
Constitutional lawyer who opposed ERA Phyllis Schlafly
First Japanese-American woman to serve in Congress Patsy Takemoto Mink
First woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor
Former dictator of Panama arrested for drug trafficking Manuel Noriega
Communist dictator of Cuba Fidel Castro
Tried to save Communism by allowing Perestroika in his country Mikhail Gorbachev
Iraqi dictator defeated in Operation Dessert Storm Saddam Hussein
President of Russia who resigned from the Communist Party Boris Yeltsin
Libyan dictator who sponsored terrorism Muammar Quaddafi
President of the Philippines who fled to the United States Ferdinand Marcos
Communist leader who became president of South Africa Nelson Mandela
Who was known as the Great Communicator? Ronald Reagan
Which was not a part of Reaganomics more social welfare
What secretary of education called for a return to morality and discipline in the classroom William Bennett
Solidarity was an anti-Communist movement in this country Poland
The tragic explosion of this space shuttle killed all seven crew members Challenger
What does Glasnost mean openness
Who was appointed to lead troops into combat in Operation Desert Storm? General Schwarzkopf
Due to modern medical technology, the average life span of Americans increased from 49 years to this many years 73
What amendment would have removed certain protections for women? ERA
What trade agreement was signed by Canada, the United States and Mexico in 1993? NAFTA
What treaty limited the placement of nuclear weaponry in Europe? INF
Mikhail Gorbachev was most alarmed by this high-tech defense system under development in the United States SDI
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