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Ch 2 Study Guide

What 6 states touch Oklahoma? Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas
What are the lines on the globe that run NORTH AND SOUTH between the poles? Meridians
Oklahoma is part of a giant oval grassland that extends from Canada to Mexico known as the Great Plains
The highest point in Oklahoma is found where? Black Mesa
Mount Scott is found where? Wichita Mountains
The total surface area of Oklahoma is about 70,000 square miles
Which of the following is least likely to occur in Oklahoma? hurricanes
What percentage of Oklahoma is occupied by forested areas? 20%
The first major oil discovery was the Nellie Johnstone No.1 near Bartlesville
Oklahoma's coal deposit is associated with region of the state? East
What are the two largest lakes in Oklahoma? Eufaula and Texoma
The area of Oklahoma known as "The Three Forks" contains which three Rivers? Verdigris, Grand, Arkansas
Which of the following is/are the main fossil fuel(s) found in Oklahoma? oil, natural gas, and coal
Oklahoma may average how many tornadoes a year? 54
Created by: greg.harmon