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20s, 30s, Depression

"Return to Normalcy" slogan used by Warren Harding that indicated the desire by people to return to normal after the war
Warren Harding 27th president; wanted a return to normalcy after the war; presidency included scandal like the "Ohio Gang" and the Teapot Dome scandal; dies in office
Calvin Coolidge 28th president; used same laissez-faire and isolationism policies as Harding
Herbert Hoover 29th president; stock market crashed shortly after he took office; believed in laissez-faire economics
isolationism a foreign policy of staying to one's self and not getting involved in other countrys' affairs
"The Ohio Gang" Harding's group of advisors; friends from Ohio; were accused of bribery
Albert Fall one of the "Ohio Gang"; responsible for the Teapot Dome Scandal; convicted of bribery and sent to prison
The Teapot Dome Scandal Albert Fall leased government oil reserves in exchange for money
installment buying buy a product by promising to pay small, regular amounts over a period of time
19th amendment gave women the right vote
18th amendment prohibition; banned the manufacture and sale of alcohol
21st amendment prohibition repealed (taken back)
flapper carefree young woman during the 1920s
mass media forms of communication that reach millions of people (newspapers, radio, etc.)
Harlem Renaissance resurgence o f African American music and culture in Harlem, NY during the 1920s; jazz became the popular style of music; included authors, musicians, artists, etc.
Stock Market organized system for buying and selling stocks
Crash of 1929 prices of stocks reached all time lows; also known as :Black Tuesday"; people sold stocks at record rate
bank runs people storm the banks to take out their money
soup kitchens/bread lines people relied on free handouts to survive
Hoovervilles communities of shacks built from wood, sheets, and metal
Dust Bowl a time in the 1930s when farmers experienced drought and windstorms
Franklin Delano Roosevelt FDR; president elected after U.S. got hit with depression; created a "New Deal"
The New Deal government programs created by FDR to get the U.S. out of the depression; provided relief, recovery, and reform
WPA Works Progress Administration-government jobs given to create monuments and artwork for the public
PWA Public Works Administration-government jobs given to develop public facilities (libraries, schools, etc.)
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority-jobs given to stop flooding in the Tennessee Valley
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Act-regulation of farm prices and encouragement for the destruction of crops
NRA National Recovery Act-codes of business were set up; "blue eagle"
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-government guarantees banks will not fail and that money is safe
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission-regulates prices on the stock market
SSA Social Security Act-a government fund to help to needy, unemployed, retired, and disabled
Created by: Mrs.Rizzo
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