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Unit 7 Lesson 1 Notes 3 Vocabulary

Thurgood Marshall The lawyer that fought for and won Plessy v. Ferguson case who later became the first African American Supreme Court Justice
Little Rock Nine An event in which a group of students tried to enroll at Little Rock Central High School and federal troops had to restore order
John F. Kennedy The US president that sent officials to force the governor of Mississippi to let James Meredith enroll at the University of Mississippi
George Wallace The Alabama governor that tried to prevent two students from attending the University of Alabama
Martin Luther King, Jr. A minister in Montgomery who became an important leader in the civil rights movement during the bus boycott
Malcom X A civil rights leader that supported the concept of self-defense against violence instead of civil disobedience
Stokely Carmichael Leader of the Black Power Movement
Elvis Presley The best known artist from the rock-and-roll era of the 1950's
Beatles A well known vocal group from Britain during the 1960's
Betty Friedan The woman who wrote The Feminine Mystique
Gloria Steinam The woman who started the Ms. Magazine and the National women's Political Caucus
Cesar Chavez Led the Mexican-American labor movement and organized the National Farm Workers Association which led to strikes and boycotts
Rosa Parks A woman who challenged the de jure segregation by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated bus and was arrested. Her actions led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Hippies People who were part of the counterculture
Created by: jhanes2