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Abeka U.S. History 8

Ch. 1-23 Review

Which amendment prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol? 18th amendment
Which amendment repealed prohibition? 21st amendment
Which President was known as the Great Humanitarian? Herbert Hoover
What is the oldest permanent settlement in the United States? St. Augustine, FL
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse
What English-speaking Indian lived in Plymouth, acted as a guide and interpreter, and taught the Pilgrims how to hunt and fish? Squanto
What political party was formed out of dislike for President Jackson and his powerful Presidency? Whig
What was a hornbook? board with printed Scripture and the alphabet
What was the code name for America's atomic bomb project? Manhattan Project
Where did the Japanese make their final stand and lose nearly all their remaining ships in World War II? Battle of Leyte Gulf
The murder of over six million Jews the Holocaust
What was the first city to be bombed with an atomic weapon? Hiroshima
Who was it who said, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"? Nathan Hale
What was the first permanent English settlement in North America? Jamestown
What is the name given to the President's advisers? Cabinet
Which patriot declared "Give me liberty, or give me death"? Patrick Henry
What is the purpose of the checks and balances system? balance the powers of the three branches of government
Who served as president of the Confederacy during the Civil War? Jefferson Davis
Why was the Ole' Deluder Satan Act passed in Massachusetts? to make sure children learned how to read and write
What former shoe salesman brought a great revival to the city of Chicago? D.L. Moody
Which entrepreneur made his fortune in the oil industry? J.D. Rockefeller
What hymnist wrote "Blessed Assurance" and many other hymns in the late 1800's? Fanny Crosby
What colony did John Winthrop describe as "a city upon a hill"? Massachusetts Bay
Where was the first shot of the Civil War fired? Fort Sumter
What agreement eliminated tariffs and other trade restrictions between the United States, Canada and Mexico? NAFTA
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Persian Gulf War Colin Powell
led troops into combat in Operation Desert Storm Norman Schwartzkopf
Communist leader of Soviet Union who signed the INF treaty with President Reagan in 1987 Mikhail Gorbachev
dictator of Iraq who invaded Kuwait, sparking the Persian Gulf War Saddam Hussein
first woman Justice appointed to the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor
conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Reagan Administration Margaret Thatcher
vice president under Ronald Reagan George Bush
known as the Great Communicator Ronald Reagan
"Father of the Constitution" James Madison
invented the reaping machine Cyrus McCormick
best-known missionary to the Indians David Brainerd
discovered the Mississippi River Hernando de Soto
wrote History of Plymouth Plantation William Bradford
searched for the fabled fountain of youth Ponce de Leon
invented the steel plow John Deere
led the Rough Riders in the battle of San Juan Hill Theodore Roosevelt
The Indian guide who accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition Sacajawea
Posted the Ninety-five Theses, sparking the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther
The name for evangelists who rode on horseback and conducted church services on the frontier circuit riders
The Nazi dictator of Germany during WWII Adolph Hitler
The famous poem by Francis Scott Key that became our national anthem Defence of Fort McHenry
This doubled the size of the United States Louisiana Purchase
The name of the natural pass in the Appalachian Mountains that allowed settlers to travel west Cumberland Gap
The name of the theory promoted by Charles Darwin evolution
Armistice Day is now celebrated as this holiday Veteran's Day
This refers to the many different cultures that have come together in America melting pot
The Father of Progressive Education John Dewey
Gave Congress the power to tax incomes 16th Amendment
The cavalry commander killed at the battle of Little Bighorn Colonel George Custer
This state is known as the "Lone Star Republic" Texas
What did President Roosevelt call his massive government welfare program? New Deal
In what war did the United States lead the UN forces to liberate Kuwait in 1991? Gulf War
What was Charles Lindbergh's plane called? The Spirit of St. Louis
Founded the settlement of Providence, Rhode Island Roger Williams
The Soviet Union collapsed during the administration of this President Ronald Reagan
The name of the German soldiers that King George hired to fight the colonists Hessians
He was the first Roman Catholic President John F. Kennedy
This scandal led to Richard Nixon resigning from office Watergate
William Penn founded both Pennsylvania and this city Philadelphia
One who risks personal loss to develop and market a new product entrepreneur
President Reagan's conservative economic views Reaganomics
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