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Sec. 1&2 Chapter 27

Social Studies

When was Lenin's death, and who ruled the soviet union after him? died-1924 Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union
Totalitarian state a single party controls the gov. and every aspect of people's lives; oppressing freedom
Fascism A political system that is rooted in militarism, extreme nationalism, and blind loyalty to the state
Benito Mussolini He and his fascist party seized power in Italy 1922
Aggression A warlike act by one country against another without a just cause
Nazi National Socialist German Workers' party
Adolf Hitler Nazi who becomes leader of Germany in 1933
Scapegoat A person or group on whom others blame for their problems
Who did hitler use as a scapegoat? The Jews
What did Hitler preach to the Germans? That the German's belonged to a race that was biologically superior to Jews, Gypsies, and other people
Concentration Camps prison camps for civilians who are considered enemies of the state
What did America do in the beginning of the war? (ism) we used the policy of isolationism
What did Japan do in 1937? began an "all-out" war against China
What did Hitler do two years before and in 1938? two years before Hitler took over the Rhineland, and he also annexed Austria. Again, later that year he claimed part of Czechoslovakia.
Munich Conference Hitler promised Germany would seek no further territory
Appeasement the practice of giving into aggression in order to avoid war
Nazi-Soviet Pact Hitler and Stalin agree not to attack eachother
What did Hitler do in 1939? He launched a lightning war against Poland. The polers soon surrender
What happened 2 days after Hitler's invasion of Poland? Britain and France declared war on Germany
Axis Powers Italy, Japan, Germany, and 6 other nations
Allies (By the end of the war) Britain, france, Soviet union, US, China, and 45 other countries
What did France do in 1940? They surrendered to Germany, and Britain stood alone
Atlantic Charter Set goals for the postwar world
What did the US do to stop Japanese aggression? we refused to sell oil to Japan
What did the japanese do in return to the US stopping sending oil? On Dec. 7, 1941 Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japanese thought the sneak attack would force the US to beg for peace.
Created by: ChloeMJ
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