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Ch 14


what were the 3 parties represented during the election of 1848 Democrats, whigs, and Free Soil
who represented the democrats in the election of 1646 Lewis Cass (popular sovereignty)
who represented the whigs in the election of 1848 Zachary Taylor (war hero)
who represented the Free Soil in the election of 1848 Martin Van Buren
what is the fugitive slave act all US citizens had to assist in the return of escaped slaves, denied a jury trail, and anyone who resisted arrest were jailed or fined
what are the provisions of the Compromise of 1850 CA became a free state. US paid TX 10 mill for loss of NM Territory. NM and UT organized by popular sovereignty. Strengthened Fugitive Slave Act.D of C banned slave trade
why is it called the Compromise of 1850 it bought time but did not resolve territorial questions
what are the two flaws of the compromise of 1850 the vagueness of popular sovereignty. The Fugitive Slave Act violated Am rights.
who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe's
facts about Uncle Tom's Cabin Published in 1852, best seller. Set in pre-Civil War South. Put a human face on slavery. South conmned and refused to sell book. North refused to enforce the FSA
what two parties were represented in the election of 1852 democrats and whigs
who was the democrat representative in the election of 1852 Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire
who was the whig representative in the election of 1852 Winfield Scott
how did politics change during the election of 1852 whig party disappeared from national politics and shifted to sectional politics
who was Stephen Douglas Dem Sen of IL. believed in pop sov. wanted to build railroad to connect Chic to West. Wanted to run for pres. Needed southern Dem support.
what is the Kansas- Nebraska Act of 1854 both territories were north of MS Comp line. both had pop sov REPEALED THE MISSOURI COMPROMISE. Kansas and Nebraska could be slave states. Northerns were outraged
what does the Kansas-Nebraska Act mean the Act left the decision of whether to allow slavery in KA and NE territories up to the people (pop sov)
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