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WW2 Study Guide

What started WW2? Germans invading Poland
What is V-E Day? Victory in Europe Day-Nazi's surrendered unconditionally, this marks the END OF WW2
Island Hopping the Americans used their naval superiority to isolate and bypass heavily defended islands.
Manhattan Project FDR assembled team to make bombs after Einstein and Fermi warned him that the Germans could now split uranium atoms. 3 bombs were made & dropped in Japan by Truman to stop the war & protect the U.S.
What two cities did the bombs hit? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? To neutralize the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and hence protect Japan's advance into Malaya and the Dutch East Indies, where it sought access to natural resources such as oil and rubber.
Where did most Japanese-Americans live? West Coast
What was the Lend-Lease Program? proposed by FDR, it supplied different allied nations with food, oil, and materials to "lend-lease or otherwise dispose of arms" and other supplied needed by the other countries whose security was vital to the defense of the U.S.
What did FDR promise the people? To keep the U.S. out of war
What was the Battle of Midway? also called "Doolittle Raid"; it demolished the Japanese military's perception that their homeland was immune from air attack. U.S. cracked Japanese codes; it was a turning point of the Pacific campaign and we moved to an offensive position
What was the Pacific Campaign? when planes of the Japanese imperial Navy attacked Pearl Harbor, it was believed that the Japanese had destroyed 8 our our battleships, so FDR took an offensive stance since that was not true.
What was D-Day? 156,000 U.S., Brit, and Canadian forces invaded 5 beaches in France's Normandy region. It was one of the largest amphibious military assaults in history. It's been called the beginning of the end of war in Europe
Why was the Berlin Wall constructed? Communist government of the German Democratic Republic built it to keep Western "fascists" from entering East Germany & undermining the socialist state. It was mostly the objective of defense against outside enemies from East to West.
What did the U.S. do to stop the fall of Berlin? We did not prevent Russia from going into Berlin; we supplied food and resources for western Allies of Berlin that were being "starved out of the country" by Soviets.
What was the Berlin Airlift? When the U.S. supplied food, fuel, and other goods to West Berlin.
What is war mobilization? The act of assembling and making both troops & supplies ready for war (women in factories built machinery and weapons for the men at war)
What is war time conversion? Workers would carpool to work or ride bicycles to save gasoline and rubber. People participated in nationwide drives to collect scrap iron, tin cans, newspaper, rags, and even cooking grease to recycle and use in war production.
Created by: natmang97