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Georgia History

The main source of money on which most people depend for day-to-day living is called income
When purchasing a home that one does not have the cash to purchase, which is used? credit
In order for an individual to be able to cover all living expenses, which of the following must exceed spending? income
Placing money aside for use at a later time is called saving
Credit cards, home mortgages, and auto loans all charge the consumer what when used? interest
In 1996, which event was held in Atlanta drawing international attention to the state? the Olympic Games
Which Georgia city was host to the 1996 Olympic Games? Atlanta
When setting up a personal budget, besides income, which is the NEXT most important thing to consider? expenses
Georgia’s railroads and interstates carry products and goods to which city for export from the state? Savannah
Georgia’s two major deepwater ports are Savannah and __ Brunswick.
Today, Georgia leads all other southern states in the export of which agricultural product? poultry
Scientists classify native people living in the Americas as having lived during one of four time periods. Give the correct order. Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian
Which time period means “very old” or “long ago” and took place during the ice age? Paleo
Which time period was characterized by nomadic hunter gatherers who used stone tools and hunted large animals? Paleo
Which material were MOST of the tools of the Paleo period made? Stone
Which time period means “old” and is divided by scientists into an early, middle, and late period? Archaic
During which time period did Native Americans first use pottery? Archaic
At the end of which time period do scientists believe Native Americans first began experimenting with horticulture? Archaic
During which time period did Native Americans first build mounds? Woodland
Which time period is sometimes referred to as the “Temple Mound Period?” Mississippian
During which time period did Native Americans commonly paint and tattoo their bodies? Mississippian
Which was the MAIN reason Spain built missions along Georgia’s Barrier Islands? to spread Christianity
In the state of Georgia, the juvenile justice system has jurisdiction over children under what age? 18
A child under the age of eighteen who is without adequate food, protection, or shelter is referred to as a(n) deprived child.
Created by: STWilliams
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