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Church Hist 2 Final

What is the dominant strain that permeated religion in Italian renaissance? individualism
the Italian renaissance was a widespread movements that included most of the men in Italy... FALSE
How many popes in great schism? 3
what did Signorelli's Resurrection of the Flesh depict? the events surrounded the end of the world
italian humanists were fascinated with what? classical antiquity
What doctrine of the reformation did Wycliffe not anticipate? justification by faith alone
Simony is the conscious intend to.. buy or something anything spirtual
Lollards promoted the use of the sacraments over preaching... FALSE
even though they didn't question the need for a religious authority, what did they disagree about? what the authority would be
Italian renaissance had a new respect for human capacities based on their discovery of what? classical greek and roman texts
What did Luther write? On the bondage of the will, preface to the epistle to the romans, the babylonian captivity of the church
not a part of luther's 95 theses purgatory
organ of a christian ear
what two activities worship activities gain importance in the Lutheran reformation? hymns and preaching
latin phrase refer to luther's idea that a person is curled in on themselves incurvatus in se
what branch of the protestant reformers was iconoclastic? zurich reformed
not a part of magisterial reformation balthasar hubmaier
ultimate religious authority for the anabaptists individual relationship with god
anabaptists were primarily interested in... sanctification rather than justification
anabaptists called the magisterial reformers what? new popes
what magisterial reformer did the swiss anabaptist movement split from in zurich? zwingli
martin luther believed that christian freedom should lead to a more egaltarian society because of this he supported the peasant way in germany... FALSE
two leaders during this apocalyptic time in munster jan of leiden and jan metthijs
radical reformers were preoccupied with economic justic
zwingli zurchin
calvin geneva
bucer strasburg
luther wittenberg
calvin has a greater interest in sanctification than the moment of quickening
two attitudes energize according to calvin repentance and gratitude
calvin god's absolute omnipotence predestination
calvin the state should protect and cooperate with the church
who recorded luthers theology in loci communes melanchton
theology rejects at synod of dort arminius
discussed at trent preaching and bishops residing in his diocese
john knox leader of the protestant reformation in scotland
thomas cranmer first archbishop of england who was martyred by mary tudor
henry VIII called defender of the faith
elizabeth I tried to navigate the middle way
who wanted to stay in the church nut wanted to remove the popish remnants? puritans
richard hooker borrowed from melanchthon via media
which movement emerged from the violence of 16th cetury pietism
i think therefore i am descartes
how did charles I reign end in england beheaded
pietists were interested in a warm heart
father of pietism philip spener
philip spener's instructions for a holy life pia desideria
opened estates to evangelical emigrants from autria count von zinzendorf
wesley and whitefield disagreed universal salvation
relic of holiness plymouth rock
two countries that the pope divided spain and portugal
sharp critique of the greed and immorality of traders john woolman
massachusets puritans
rhode island baptists
new jersey dutch reformed
pennsylvania quaker
who was defender of the indians bartolome de las casas
persecution of witches make community strong FALSE
motives of spanish missionaries cleaner and better life
crop that saved viginia tobacco
who settled along the delaware river german lutherans
john locke thought that some thoughts associated with christianity were contrary to reason FALSE
founded neither on reason nor divine revelation enthusiasm
wanted to make christianity the religion of america patrick henry
liberty was not an early slogan FALSE
adams washingon and jefferson were evangelical christians who stood deism and enlightenment thought of their day FALSE
shakers mother ann lee, no procreation
oneida community john humphrey, complex marriage
seventh day adventist ellen g white, keeps jewish commandments
disciples of christ alexander campbell, restoring new testament church
transcendtalism ralph emerson, wisdom in ones soul
romanticism horace bushnell, language to overcome or transcend theological differences
the liberator william lloyd garrison
abolitionist shot and killed elijah lovejoy
not about abolitionist age of reason
process to accept and promote slavery peter cartwright
church that didn't split episcopalians
mec and mecs reunite 1939
climax of civil war emancipation proclamation
give me your tired your poor... emma lazarus
d l moody revivalist
josiah strong econimic woes
charles taze russell jehovahs witness
mary baker eddy chrisitian science
dorothy day roman catholoic activist
two new forves that were remaking the american landscape in the late 19th century were immigration and idustrialization FALSE
WWJD charles sheldon
most serverly denouce the new testament the rich
salvation army william and catherin boothe
john dewey pragmatism
william james answers significant and relevant
alfred whitehead god persuades
henry beecher ward natural evolutions
wishful illusion sigmund freud
syllabus of errors catholics
christianity today carl fh henry
reinhold neibuhr denying the naive optimist of the earlier generation
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