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Jacksonand Democracy

Jackson and the Growth of Democracy

What was the Democratic Party and what do they believe in? The Democratic Party is one of the two major Political Parties in the United States. They believe the past was flawed and look more toward a future of change and innovation. Also that the common people should rule the government.
What are some of the Characteristics of a regular Democrat? They are usually lower income citizens , or are younger generations who find flaws in the way past generations, minorities who feel wronged by governmental policies of the past
Describe the election of 1824 , who won? The expected candiate was Andrew Jackson although he won the majority vote he did not get enough votes, so the decision then went to the house of representatives and John Quincy Adams was chosen as president.
Who won the Election of 1828? Andrew Jackson
What does the term ,"Spoil System" mean? It is a practice in which a political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to its supporters, friends and relatives
What is a tariff? A tax imposed by the government on goods imported by another country?
What was the purpose of creating the Tariff law? To encourage the growth of manufactuaring in the US .
Describe the Different perspectives between the Southerners and the Northerners with the Tariff law? The Northerners favored this law, but the Southerners thought it was unconstitutional because it raises the prices for factory goods and discouraged trade among nations.
What was Andrew Jackson trying to do ? (bank wise) He wanted to abolish the national bank.
When Henry Clay renewed the bank contract , what was he trying to do? He was trying to make the Buisness people and farmers not reelect Andrew Jackson.
What was the Trail of Tears? The Trail of Tears was when more than 17000 Cherokees were forced from Their homes in Georgia and herded west by troops.
Why was the Trail of Tears known as a cruel Journey? Because many people died, and it was just very long an strenous work.
What did the Indian Removal Act allow the president to do? This law allowed the president to make treaties in which American Indians in the East traded their lands for new territory on The Great Plains.
What did the Supreme Court believe in about the American Indians? They believed that indians had the right to keep their lands.
Who were the Five Civilized Tribes? They were indians who lived in 5 different tribes who lived in the South. They adopted white ways like they dont hunt they farm.
Created by: kbloom
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