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Renaissance Unit

The Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide

1. The idea that people's fate was decided before a person was born. 1. Predestination- previous determination as if by destiny or fate.
2. Writer from London who is known for such works as Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest. 2. William Shakespeare
3. A group that met over a twenty year period to discuss and enact reforms within the Catholic Church. 3. Council of Trent
4.New branch of Christianity made up of former Catholics who protested corruption in the Catholic Church. 4.Protestant
5.New order established to lead missionary efforts overseas. 5. Jesuits
6. Wrote The Divine Comedy 6.Dante
7. Rebirth 7. Renaissance
8. Attempt by the Catholic Church to reform itself . 8. Counter Reformation
9. Allowed invidual Germanic kingdoms to determine religious afflictions. 9. Peace of Augusburg
10. Studied work of Michelangelo and DaVinci and was probably the most talented Renaissance painter. 10. Raphael
11. Documents sold by the Catholic Church to the poor that said all sins are forgiven. 11. Indulgences
12. A list of problems with the Catholic Church that Martin Luther created and nailed to the cathedral door. 12. The 95 Theses
13. Main leader of the Protestant Reformation. 13. Martin Luther
14. Artist who sculpted the bronze David statue. 14. Donatello
15. Most important family in the most important Renaissance city. 15. Medicis
16. Belief that the individual and human society were important. 16. Humanism
17. Known as the true Renaissance man: he was a painter, sculptor, scientist, and inventor. 17. DaVinci
18. Sculpted the Pieta, David, and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. 18. Michelangelo
19. Wrote The Prince which examined the relationship between the ruler and the ruled. 19. Machiavelli
20. Everyday language people speak different in a region, for example Italian, French, or German. 20. Vernacular
21. Most important Renaissance city. 21. Florence
22. Founded the Calvinist Church. 22. John Calvin
23. Wrote Utopia. 23. Thomas More
24. Invented printing press with movable type. 24. Gutenburg
25. Created Church of England, causing all of England to become Prtestant. 25. Henry VIII.
Created by: katdancer02
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