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unit 9

mrs t's Civil War and Reconstruction

list three things that contributed to sectionalism 1. feeling that slavery was an economic institution 2. degree of industry in different areas of the country 3. different uses of land in different areas of the country
Put the following in the correct order 1. kansas nebraska act 2. missouri compromise 3. compromise of 1850 4. nullification crisis 1. missouri compromise 2. nullification crisis 3. compromise of 1850 4. kansas nebraska act
Across what span of years was the civil war fought 1861-1865
how did US tariff policies contribute to sectionalism prior to the civil war northern states benefited from the tariffs, while southern states considered then an economic burden
how did both the missouri compromise and the compromise of 1850 contribute to differences between free and enslaved african americans the institution of slavery was allowed in some new states while other states allowed freedom for african americans
how did economic opportunities for free african americans differ from enslaved african americans during the early 1800's free african americans could own property and had some rights, while enslaved african americans had no rights at all
how did many southern slaveholders view the issue of slavery as a source of labor, slavery was an economic issue
what congressional action is described * california becomes a free state * strict fugitive slave law adopted * slave trade, but not slavery, banned in the district of columbia * new states in the SW could vote to have slavery compromise of 1850
what views did john c calhoun state about state government regarding federal laws, that contributed to the civil war outbreak he claimes that state government has the right to reject federal laws
booker t washington "...after the reading we were told that we were all free, and could go when nad where we please. My mother, ....... leaned over and kissed her children, while tears of joy ran down her cheeks..." what event is washington describing the emancipation proclamation
how did llincoln view the act of secession from the national government it was illegal
how do lincoln's and davis' views differ in regards to government lincoln believed that individuals should be free from government oppression. davis considered states to have the right to freedom from oppressive government
why does lincoln not consider nullification a right of state government a state government declaring a federal law unconstitutional would lead that state to void any law it considered harmful, without any process for appealiing the state decision
how did dred scott v sandford decision affect the lives of enslaved peoples it confirmed enslaved people were property and cannot bring a case into federal court
congress responded to the dred scott decision by passing a constitutional amendment that states neither slavery not involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the US, of any plave subject to their jurisdiction
what concerns of Thoreau led to his refusal to pay a government tax the government continued to permit injustice by fighting wars and permitting slavery
Thoreau's idea of civil disobedience influenced civil rights leaders such as martin luther king.
what political party *supported lincoln in 1860 *was split over slavery; had two conidates in 1860 republicans and democrats
what was a result of the missouri compromise political power was balanced between slave states and free states
how did the actions of fredrick douglas contribute to the success of the union during the civil war he persuaded the union to permit african americans to fight in the army
what life event in douglass' life most likely contributed to his support of the union he has been enslaved during his youth in maryland
the name of the secrete society of former confederate soldiers who used extreme measures to limit new opportunties for newly freed african americans after the civil war ku klux klan
Created by: stallarita